Haus of Godspeed

The other day, my friends over at the Haus of Godspeed, opened their studio to the public. A tour of the whole building revealed that a furniture store on the first floor and art studios on the second floor, with multiple art collectives and creatives inhabiting the art space. The Haus of Godspeed belongs to multiple creatives that I’m fortunate to know. They all have a strong bond and relationship having known each other for years, each with their own creative niche. When you walk in, you can see that each person’s space is catered to each individual’s personality and craft. With friends and fellow creatives around you, it’s hard not to be working on something and after only a short time in their space, they’ve made a lot of progress.

I didn’t want to reveal too much of the art going on, but you can see everything they’ve been working on by coming to their art show on December 1st.