Lesson Learned – Fall 2013 Collection

Photos shot by Mikey Avila

This Fall, Happen introduces the Lesson Learned collection. Fresh out of college, one may be eager to jump straight into the professional world. Consider this collection a reflection of the four years of time and money invested into education. The shoot itself displays one important lesson learned, mainly through experience, which is to step out out of one’s comfort zone. The concept of the shoot was to place something we’re all familiar with, such as school photos, and place them in the world, not in a room where you’re expected to dress up and pose generically. Framing the actual backdrop are different backgrounds, textures, colors, etc. The informality of it all is to reveal the rough edges, giving a glimpse into the behind the scenes and process behind the shoot. Other than that, there are a dozen more reasons why this shoot is the way it is, but it’s best to leave the rest up to interpretation.
Releases Friday, October 11 at 8 am.