Jeff Staple Confessional

Red Bull decided to create a series called “The Confessional” in which they talk to creatives about themselves and their craft. Jeff Staple talks are always great. The journey from his humble beginnings to where he’s at now is pretty inspiring, considering the popularity and influence Staple design, the brand, the store, the gallery, and the publication has on culture today.

Haus of Godspeed

The other day, my friends over at the Haus of Godspeed, opened their studio to the public. A tour of the whole building revealed that a furniture store on the first floor and art studios on the second floor, with multiple art collectives and creatives inhabiting the art space. The Haus of Godspeed belongs to multiple creatives that I’m fortunate to know. They all have a strong bond and relationship having known each other for years, each with their own creative niche. When you walk in, you can see that each person’s space is catered to each individual’s personality and craft. With friends and fellow creatives around you, it’s hard not to be working on something and after only a short time in their space, they’ve made a lot of progress. More…

140/365: Don’t Give Up the Ship

Seeing this flag at Civic Center San Francisco, I knew I had to have it. Captain James Lawrence made this his war cry as his ship was engaged by the enemy during battle. I only thought this was appropriate with all the frustrations of daily life. One’s ship can be one’s self, family, social life, business, career, education, or whatever is of value to them. Waking up to this starts off each day with encouragement. Happen is just as much for you as it is for me.


A portion of my poster design for my publication playing off a couple of ideas. The poster is supposed to curate interest quickly. I tend to write compelling things my teachers say. One thing I heard him say was that was interesting was that “design isn’t as much adding things but now, it’s more about stripping things away.” I really support that, I feel like a lot of times, people want to give away ALL the details, lacking a sense of mystery or call to action for the audience to look more into it. As I felt more and more overwhelmed with the fact that this publication assignment is probably my biggest challenge this semester, quite possibly so far in school, he said something so profound and encouraging, “Some are more closer than others, but we’ll all end up at the finish line.” Forget everything you’re worried about and let that marinate.

27/365: Mike Giant

Mike Giant from Rebel8 came to the school to talk art and graffiti. None of the guest talks have really interested me than this one. Anyways, he showed us a catalogue of his extensive graffiti work from around the world, throughout the span of give or take 20 years. What I really got from the talk was that for every piece, he had a story, a memory behind it. That’s truly something that appealed to me, that everything he had done had some meaning to him, that it meant that much to him to photograph every piece and remember every story that came along with it. That’s definitely how art should be, not a mindless activity to create something out of nothing, but to have it mean something to you.


If you’re ever in doubt, whether it be about yourself or what it is your working towards, I suggest you watch this. This speech pretty much got me through the last semester of school and motivated me to do whatever it is that I want to do.