Jeff Staple Confessional

Red Bull decided to create a series called “The Confessional” in which they talk to creatives about themselves and their craft. Jeff Staple talks are always great. The journey from his humble beginnings to where he’s at now is pretty inspiring, considering the popularity and influence Staple design, the brand, the store, the gallery, and the publication has on culture today.

Happen @ The Goods

Though Happen has no particular affiliation to any city, San Francisco has become homebase for all operations. With that said, catch Happen at The Goods, February 2nd at 111 Minna St. Reduced prices and some stuff from past seasons will be available. Come through!

New Stickers Coming Soon..

New stickers are currently in production. A pair will be sent to anybody who’s made an order the past month as well as any future orders. These will also be up for sale, one yellow and one red for $2.50 shipped, international ones being $3.25. Be on the lookout!

Happen 1 Year Anniversary

As of January 5th, 2013, Happen has officially been in business for a year. It gets easier and easier to start a business, but more and more difficult to maintain one. From the outside looking in, it may look easy, sure, getting t-shirts printed, selling them to your friends, and making some money. It’s not at all like that and from one year of experience, I’ve learned a lot about how to run a business, how to make moves that involve money, and I’ve learned to respect brands and artists that have been doing this for years. Experience really is the best teacher. Happen, I hope, will serve as an example to friends and supporters alike, of taking the initiative and having the ambition to take the next step, bringing an idea to fruition. As corny as that may sound, I hope, in the end, that is what Happen becomes. It may not fit in the realm of streetwear or effective branding towards the targeted demographic, but it’s something different and more welcoming than many other brands out there. The brand may change as interests change, as times change, but the message will always be the same.
One year in business, I believe, is a great a feat, and hopefully one that can be trumped year after year. It can’t be done with your support. So if you’re reading this, I already have a reason to thank you. If you’ve bought something, your contribution is appreciated. It’s really humbling to have friends and people you don’t even know supporting you.


Thank you.


P.S. To commemorate this occasion, the tee above was released. Get a hold of one at the store.

Winter 2012 Capsule Collection

Over the past few weeks, photos and previews have been released for the upcoming Winter 2012 Capsule collection, which features a small range of pieces which includes a coach jacket, cuffed beanie, and tee to fit right in to the cold weather coming in. Unlike the previous run of hoodies and tees, this collection houses designs somewhat more mature and reserved. The collection itself will be available Thursday, December 20 just in time for the holidays. Click here for more.

Happen Signature Script Beanies

Remember something being said about beanies? Well, they happened. The new Happen Signature Script graphic was embroidered on cuffed beanies available in black and maroon. These drop with the coach jacket and a new tee some time next week. Stay tuned.

Tuff’n Up

A few weeks ago, a sneak peek of the Tuff’n Up coach jacket went up on the Facebook page. Lots of people were like “When’s this gonna drop?” I gotta admit, it was a bit hasty to put up a preview of this jacket before it’s ready, one bad habit that I’m working on fixing. To answer those questions of the release of this piece, it’ll be out when it’s ready, along with a couple of other pieces. The wait won’t be too much longer. Hopefully those who showed interest, make good on the inquiries, this piece will be super limited.

Scheming Hoodies

Cold weather is upon us and it’s the perfect time to drop the Scheming hoodie in new colorways. The last run of these hoodies were a limited run, barely making it above double digits, this time around, there’s only just a little bit more. They’re 10 oz. so they’re thick and will keep you warm, comfortable, too. Charcoal gray with a black print and maroon with a white print will be your choices if you choose to support Happen by purchasing one or both of these hoodies. In addition to these two hoodies is a Scheming tee in hunter green. The online store will be live on Friday with these in stock. More…

Haus of Godspeed

The other day, my friends over at the Haus of Godspeed, opened their studio to the public. A tour of the whole building revealed that a furniture store on the first floor and art studios on the second floor, with multiple art collectives and creatives inhabiting the art space. The Haus of Godspeed belongs to multiple creatives that I’m fortunate to know. They all have a strong bond and relationship having known each other for years, each with their own creative niche. When you walk in, you can see that each person’s space is catered to each individual’s personality and craft. With friends and fellow creatives around you, it’s hard not to be working on something and after only a short time in their space, they’ve made a lot of progress. More…

204/365: Alive and well

A month has passed and yes, Happen is alive and well. Maybe a little lowkey, but that’s how it should be. Photos have been taken, moves have been made, and things have gotten done. The clearance sale went well, most of the current inventory is sold. The online store is closed, but everything that remains shall be open to local pick up and events, if that happens. Happen Fall, maybe Winter, too, 2012 will release soon. The wait is almost over. More…