204/365: Alive and well

A month has passed and yes, Happen is alive and well. Maybe a little lowkey, but that’s how it should be. Photos have been taken, moves have been made, and things have gotten done. The clearance sale went well, most of the current inventory is sold. The online store is closed, but everything that remains shall be open to local pick up and events, if that happens. Happen Fall, maybe Winter, too, 2012 will release soon. The wait is almost over. More…

203/365: Roach Gigz Live @ Slim’s

Roach Gigz‘s Bugged Out tour started off right at Slim’s here in San Francisco, the first of more than 10 shows up and down the westcoast after releasing his album Bugged Out this past week. Opening up was Baby E, A-1, and Main Attrakionz with IAMSU! joining the tour on some of the other stops. A-1 just released The Thurl Tape this week as well, make sure to share and download that. More…


New design, something I’m pretty happy with. Started off complex and part of an idea I was forcing myself to use, then I made it minimal.


It’s the day before school and I’ve already got some work going on. Web design and sketching taking place in my little corner of the apartment.


Victor came through with the idea to tie dye one of his Happen tees the other day. After maybe less than an hour of work and a 24 hour wait, he ended up with a customized tee with a tiger stripe pattern. It’s cool to see post production things happening to clothing, especially with endless possibilities of customization. Salute to creatives. More…


Had a pretty interesting hour at Union Square. Made a local pick up sale, big thanks to Sergio. I really do encourage local pick up if you’re in the San Francisco area to save you some money on shipping. A little bit later, I’m pretty sure I witnessed a hidden camera show being filmed. Stayed a bit longer after, observing how a wedding shoot was being shot.


San Diego, at least for me, is a place for me to rest my mind and relax. It was a long and difficult school year, so a few months of a life a little more slowed down and slower paced was enjoyed. After a long ride back up north, I am back in San Francisco. Back to work.