After a long day at the career fair and going through some impromptu interviews with prospective employers, some friends and I decided to treat ourselves to some good food. Cathead’s BBQ is a nice spot out in the city. I didn’t hear of it until my friend said we should look into it. Believe me, it was good, we had to start out with samplers to see what was good and we ended up getting a plate of brisket and two large biscuits. Free refills on the sweet tea too. Oh yeah, before that though, we tried our hand at that $670 million that was up for grabs.


If you didn’t know already, this is a part time food blog. This delicious morsel hails from the KOJA food truck. This plate is probably the best thing I’ve eaten in a while, other than the Mayan Dragon at Sushirrito. I’ve been really feeling food fusion as of late.