Happen @ The Goods

First of all, big thanks to everybody that showed love at The Goods. I say this over and over, but it’s always appreciated. It went well, sold a couple of things, met some cool people, and got the word out. Not to go and preach, but to be honest, if you have a product, craft, or whatever that you take the time and effort to create, then you should put your work out there in the real world and be vulnerable to critique and criticism, but praise as well. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m appreciative of opportunities like The Goods, opportunities that allow Happen to be seen, be put in context, and to exist in the world.

203/365: Roach Gigz Live @ Slim’s

Roach Gigz‘s Bugged Out tour started off right at Slim’s here in San Francisco, the first of more than 10 shows up and down the westcoast after releasing his album Bugged Out this past week. Opening up was Baby E, A-1, and Main Attrakionz with IAMSU! joining the tour on some of the other stops. A-1 just released The Thurl Tape this week as well, make sure to share and download that. More…


San Diego, at least for me, is a place for me to rest my mind and relax. It was a long and difficult school year, so a few months of a life a little more slowed down and slower paced was enjoyed. After a long ride back up north, I am back in San Francisco. Back to work.


Departing the city tomorrow, but leaving with some things to think about. For example, what’s the difference between being hungry and thirsty for success? What’s the line you cross to get from one to the other? How much is one able to compromise before the whole thing loses its integrity?


So it’s finally official, Uniqlo is opening up its first west coast location here in San Francisco as well as making it the base of operations for the west coast. Definitely a smart move for Uniqlo and a good look for the city altogether.


As San Francisco filled with what looked like kids who spilled out of a Mac Miller video shoot to attend the Wiz Khalifa show, I decided to spend 4/20 at Dolores Park with Ontask. It was a long, chill day. Best weather in a while, too. There were huuuuuuundreds of people, so inevitably there would be familiar faces, running into the homies DJ Jack and Chippy. Chill day. More…


Another successful night at the Heartless World Showcase. Big thank you to Lawrence for letting me set up a table to sell some goods. Another big thank you goes out to Yumi and Summayah who watched my table while I took pictures. Lastly, a big thank you to the one person who actually bought a shirt, I may have forgotten your name, but I haven’t forgotten what you did. Oh yeah, great performances took place. Personally, I was there to support the homies, Maadtaah and Rob the Kid, OTF! More…